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Renowned for the successful development and restoration of Sydney’s more demanding and original commercial water features, swimming pools, and spas, Sunset Pools’ approach guarantees both long-term operational efficiency, plus a maintenance-friendly result.

Engineering Expertise and Creative Solutions

Sunset’s experienced pool design and hydraulic consultants possess the rare ability to embrace the most inventive architectural concepts and enhance them with spectacularly successful bespoke pool, spa, and water feature ideas. Practical Sunset ideas overcome restricted access and make the most of available space to ensure each project takes full advantage of the best technical advances and most environmentally conscious solutions.

When a durable finish, public safety, and functional longevity are paramount, Sunset Pools is the supplier of choice for enlightened architectural specifiers, town planners, commercial builders, and successful developers across metropolitan Sydney. This section emphasises the importance of durability, safety, and longevity in commercial pool projects.

Comprehensive Design, Build, and Refurbishment Services

Sunset Pools’ design, build and commercial refurbishment services encompass:

  • High-rise apartment pools & spas
  • Aquatic leisure & learn-to-swim centres
  • Special needs & aged care facilities
  • Schools & higher education campuses
  • Health, fitness & rehabilitation pools
  • Public swimming & diving pools
  • Hotels, resorts & leisure complexes
  • Residential community pools
  • Hydrotherapy spa pools
  • Municipal & community water features

Whenever genuine expert opinions are sought you can be confident that Sunset Pools’ advice will be well considered and appropriate to your objectives.  Sunset Pools have an uncompromised safety record, abide by all applicable Operational Health & Safety (OH&S) conditions, conduct full operational and site risk assessments and maintain all obligatory insurances both prior to, during and following the contract period.

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What You Can Expect From Sunset Pools

Ready to make your dream pool a reality? Call Sunset Pools today at 1300 000 412. Your aspirations should not be compromised; complete the enquiry form to arrange your obligation-free design consultation. Ben Thompson, our Managing Director, is ready to provide practical assistance and expert information on everything you need to know:

Sunset Guarantee

Our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.

Pool Finishes

Personalize the look and feel of your pool.

Pool Safety

Ensure the highest safety standards for your peace of mind.

Spa Pools & Swim Spas

Luxurious additions for the ultimate relaxation experience.


State-of-the-art systems for crystal-clear water.


Enjoy your pool year-round with efficient heating solutions.


Quality craftsmanship to bring your vision to life.


Tips and plans for hassle-free pool ownership.

Landscaping & Pool Surrounds

Seamlessly integrate your pool into your outdoor space.

Home/Pool Automation

Smart solutions for convenience and control.


Protecting your investment.

Rust Treatment

Ensuring the longevity of your pool.

Overcoming Challenges with Innovative Solutions

Where many pool builders might consider non-standard pool projects ‘too hard’, Sunset Pools takes architects’ and engineers’ more challenging ideas in their stride. Sunset’s designer pools and water features reflect and amplify key architectural features, enhance the aesthetics of public and community spaces, and provide ongoing pleasure to all who enjoy them.

Meticulous Attention to Unseen Details

Sunset’s designers pay equal attention to the technical solutions your clients will never even see. Less evident but just as critical is the meticulous attention to the construction’s engineering, plus the specification of the best and most appropriate building materials and harmonising finishes.

Confidence in Efficient Systems and Compliance

With Sunset on your design team, you can also be confident that the most appropriate and efficient water filtration, pool heating, and sanitation systems have been specified and will be incorporated into your construction. Once on site, you can also be assured that your pool contractor fully understands and can work within your building’s project management plan and complies with all OH&S requirements.

Unrivalled Expertise and Commitment

Dealing with the trusted and award-winning team at Sunset Pools ensures every aspect of your project, from the initial feasibility study to its operational and maintenance analysis, is expertly planned, executed, and project-managed. The company’s 10-year guarantee on Sunset swimming pools and spas is testament to their unrivalled commitment to conceive and create exceptional outcomes, engineered, built, and finished to exceed the existing Australian pool construction standards.

Challenging Restorations and Comprehensive Competencies

Sunset Pools has an unrivalled reputation built on the challenging commercial pool restorations they have been contracted to fulfil during the last two decades. Sunset Pools’ enviable record of achievement now eclipses many of the industry’s less imaginative contractors, establishing them as many enlightened specifiers’ first choice when looking to give an aging swimming pool a renewed and contemporary lease of life.

Practical Assessments and Strategic Partnerships

A practical Sunset assessment of your facilities will empower you with practical recommendations, all your options, and a cost analysis covering restoration works that will not be exceeded in any subsequent Sunset Pools’ tender submission. Sunset Pools’ competencies extend to understanding and implementing current public safety measures and advanced high-volume reticulation technology in addition to:

  • Pool relining & waterproofing
  • Concrete cancer & joint repair
  • Disabled access provisions
  • High-performance pump upgrades
  • Concourse tiling & finishes
  • Wet deck conversions
  • Filtration & sanitation hydraulics
  • Energy-efficient temperature control
  • Efficient energy management systems
  • FINA & Department of Health compliance

Strategic Partnerships with Local Authorities

When building or refurbishing community swimming pools, local authorities, and district administrators have come to rely on Sunset Pools as their strategic partner. A productive relationship founded on shared priorities, transparent ethical business practices, and a management discipline capable of working cooperatively and in compliance with various administrative practices. Sunset Pools is cognizant of public swimming pools tendering procedures, including government regulations, contract compliance, and mandatory documentation.

Contact for Comprehensive Consultation

Call Sunset Pools today on 1300 000 412 to discuss your plans and aspirations or complete the enquiry form, and Sunset will contact you without delay. This final section reiterates the invitation to initiate contact for a comprehensive consultation, emphasising responsiveness and personalised service.

Ready to create a masterpiece?

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