New Residential Pool Designs

Pools as distinctive as you are!

Quality concrete swimming pools are individually designed to complement your home, harmonise with your outdoor space, enhance your lifestyle, and create a unique and prestigious entertaining environment.

No other constructiontechnique harmonises as well with a developer or builder’s plans, is as sympathetic to a landscape architect’s vision, or reflects your flair for relaxed hospitality.

The true potential of a concrete pool is realised when your site’s attributes are fully integrated into the design and any limitations creatively overcome. These days no one need accept an off the shelf preset pool shape that bears little or no relationship to your home, its surroundings or your family’s needs. (More swimming pool ideas and pictures.)

To discover and appreciate the true value of an inspired designer pool, call Sunset Pools to discuss your aspirations on 1300 000 412 or complete the enquiry form right now.

Sunset Pools’ speciality is the design and construction of more adventurous pool and spa concepts, and the exclusive one-off solutions not effectively addressed by the more widely known pool contractors. Sunset has accrued an unrivalled reputation built on the unusual and exciting projects they are selected to undertake.

Ben Thompson, Managing Director of Sunset Pools, when quoted in an article on contemporary Australian pool design in the 2010/11 issue of SPASA’s ‘Pool & Spa Essentials’ magazine emphasised that:  “In the hands of a creative pool designer reinforced concrete has virtually limitless possibilities. It can be formed to reflect my client’s individuality, fashioned to complement their lifestyle, and shaped to harmonise with their environment! …In light of its versatility and potential it is difficult to understand why so many concrete pool construction contractors carry on offering the same half dozen basic pool shapes year after year.”

As important as a new pool’s aesthetic, are the design solutions you can’t actually see. Less evident but just as critical is the meticulous attention to the construction’s engineering and the choice of building materials.

To fulfil your longer term demands you must be confident in your pool builder’s informed selection of the most efficient water filtration, pool heating and sanitation systems. Every aspect from the inclusion of specialised epoxy barriers beneath, and waterproof grouting between interior tiles, to the specification of colour keyed pool coping, surrounds and water features.

The calibre of your high-spec pool design plus its unique construction requirements are epitomised by Sunset’s acclaimed pool concepts, the less obvious but no less critical bespoke features that form intrinsic components of your distinctive Sunset designer pool and spa.

Sunset’s 10 year guarantee is testament to an unrivalled commitment to conceive and create exceptional Australian swimming pools and spas, constructed and finished to the highest standard.

To discover and appreciate the true value of a distinctive Sunset designer pool, call today to discuss your leisure aspirations on 1300 000 412 or complete the enquiry form right now.