Pool Heating

Pool heating optimises your enjoyment and extends the season.

Your Sunset swimming pool is a long term investment in your family’s lifestyle or your community’s leisure. Pool heating will significantly increases your satisfaction by extending your enjoyment of the swimming season. Your new or refurbished pool and spa water will be warmer for extra hours each day and additional weeks every year.

Most individual’s ideal swimming pool temperature range between 25 and 28°C. Without pool heating, water temperatures in Sydney usually stay between 18° and 22°C, even during summer when the overnight temperature drops below 22°. Even with pool blankets in the sunniest of positions it can be impossible to keep your pool warm naturally. For this reason Sunset Pools can incorporate an affordable heating option to ensure you get more use out of your Sunset swimming pool investment.

Sunset Pools design, build. refurbish and heat swimming pools and spas to the highest standards. Call 1300 000 412 to discuss your aspirations or complete the enquiry form for assistance completing them.

There are commercial and domestic pool heaters suitable for indoor and outdoor pools and spas. Your most appropriate pool and spa heating option depends on a number of important variables. Specialist and independent advice on the three main options best suited to your pool heating installation is one of the services you can rely upon from Sunset Pools. The most suitable choice of either gas, electric or solar pool and spa heating is determined by a number of factors.

The main variables include:

  • The chosen heating system’s initial price,
  • installation and connection to your water management system,
  • the type of control system you desire,
  • anticipated usage throughout each year,
  • the cost of ownership/operation in the coming years, and
  • swimming pool size (volume ) and
  • finally location and orientation.

Sunset Pools’ expertise in swimming pool and spa heating will ensure that the recommended heating options are ideally suited to your Sunset pool. The three types of heating systems, each has its own distinct attributes and can be applied independently or in combination to achieve your desired outcome.

Solar Pool Heating:

Solar heating systems operate automatically, require virtually no maintenance and are very inexpensive to run, attributes that make this option the most popular pool heating choice across NSW. A solar pool heating system can practically double your enjoyment of your Sunset Pool by extending the annual swimming season.

Solar pool heating arrays can be installed as stand alone system, integrated into your pool’s filtration and water management or in combination with a gas heater booster or electric heat pump.

Solar heater controllers continuously monitor the roof and pool temperature automatically switching on the pump to heat your pool as soon as the differential makes efficient water heating practical. With solar pool heating there is no wasted energy, no fuel costs, and optimum performance is guaranteed.

Gas Pool Heating:

On demand gas heating is a fast way to increase the water temperature in your Sunset pool and spa. Gas heating provides you with the means to warm your pool to the perfect temperature whenever you want it, regardless of climatic conditions. Gas heating is efficient as a stand alone option, and particularly effective when used in combination with a solar heating array.

Gas heating is not the most economical way to heat a pool, however if used strategically to increase the water temperature when you want to swim or relax in a warm spa, a gas heater equips you with the means to extend your natural swimming season, and even create your own.

Electric Heat Pump Pool Heating:

If your wish is to enjoy a year round swimming season then electric pool heating is the recommended option. A heat pump is an energy-efficient heating alternative that maintains your Sunset pool and spa at the perfect temperature, applying the same technology as reverse-cycle air conditioners.

To achieve optimum effectiveness it is essential that your heat pump be expertly selected to match the volume of water you wish to keep warm. Once installed heat pump operation is virtually maintenance free, allowing you to enjoy your Sunset pool all year long.

Cool nights and inclement weather rapidly reduce swimming pool temperatures, on the NSW east coast the swimming season is effectively limited to four to five months a year. The addition of pool heating equips you to maintain your preferred swimming temperature, extending your swimming season by many months, even making it continual. Should you ever sell and move, the addition of pool heating will have added significantly to the value of your Sunset pool and home.

Make sure you ask Sunset Pools about pool heating and how it will optimise your family’s fun, exercise and even the therapeutic use of your new pool. Call 1300 000 412 or complete the enquiry form right now.