Gold medal winning urban tranquillity

Residential redevelopments within the restricted footprint of inner-city suburbs require an inventive approach to efficient space allocation. Particularly when the home owner’s primary objective is to build a family orientated new dwelling that takes full advantage of Sydney’s indoor/outdoor lifestyle

White water tumbling cascade

Sunset’s tumbling white water feature, nestled discreetly between the stairs and access ramps outside the University of Western Sydney’s (UWS) library, has become a popular student conjugation hub. The pleasing white water effect is achieved by tumbling the regulated flow over a skewed patchwork of Bluestone slabs of varying thicknesses

Sophisticated Sunset weeping wall fountain

Designed in concert with the architects to create a liquid contrast to this prestige development’s marble entry portico, this Sunset ‘weeping wall’ has a cool and calming ambience that subtly masks ambient traffic noise. This water feature’s hydraulic design incorporates a balance tank to maintain consistent fall, plus automated satiation and filtration to minimise maintenance

Mediterranean styled grand design

This Sydney property’s owners request to create something different eventuated in a Sunset swimming pool, spa and water feature that, to their delight, transforms their large sunny back garden into a Mediterranean style alfresco entertaining area