SPASA Membership

Contributing to and guaranteeing high industry standards

Sunset Pools is a member The Swimming Pool and Spa Association (SPASA), an Australian non-profit organisation dedicated to maintaining and improving standards within the industry for the betterment of consumers as well as pool builders and suppliers.

As an active member of The Swimming Pool and Spa Association of New South Wales Ltd., Sunset Pools set themselves apart from the rest of the industry by setting standards of skill, workmanship and ethical business behaviour that are in the best interests of would be and existing pool and spa owners.

Sunset Pools endorses and complies with all provisions contained within the association’s two “Standard Contracts” for the ‘supply and construction’ or ‘renovation’ of concrete swimming pools or spas, as prepared by SPASA NSW Ltd.

SPASA’s standard contract, documents every aspect of your project, your Sunset Pool designer will explain how each section protects your interests, defines exactly the quality materials, techniques and construction procedures Sunset will adopt and the guarantees you have following completion of your pool. Call Sunset on 1300 000 412 to arrange a consultation. 

Sunset Pools work constantly to further the standards, goodwill, ethics, reputation and development of the Australian Pool and Spa industry. When dealing with Sunset Pools you can be confident that SPASA’s code of ethics will be reflected in their professional conduct and service principles.

SPASA Code of Ethics.

  • To uphold the concepts of free enterprise and service to the public.
  • To operate at all times in a manner that will enhance the swimming pool and spa industry.
  • To encourage research and development of new materials, products and methods.
  • To co-operate and assist where possible all levels of government in their dealings with the swimming pool and spa industry.
  • To comply with all applicable laws, ordinances and regulations.
  • To act fairly and properly at all times towards fellow members of the association.
  • To act in a professional and unbiased manner when called upon to advise, consult or take any action in relation to products, services or works on behalf of a consumer.

By having representation on various technical, government and Standards Australia committees, SPASA has been able to ensure that any changes to standards have been of maximum benefit to the industry and consumers alike. Sunset Pools take pride in having been invited to sit on industry committees and the executive board of SPASA.

When planning a new designer pool, or considering a pool or spa renovation, it is important to confirm that your appointed pool contractor is a current SPASA member. While SPASA has no mandatory powers, it does have strict controls over its members. Before being admitted, every applicant must be able to prove to a Board of Directors that they maintain a high standard of workmanship, adhere to ethical business practices and have experience in successfully completing contracts.

SPASA provides a variety of useful information to assist you. Free fact sheets are available that contain advice on a range of topics such water treatment, pool heating and pool safety. SPASA consumer fact sheets can be obtained by calling Sunset Pools on 1300 000 412, or contacting the NSW association direct on 02 9747 6644

Dealing with a licensed pool building contractor and member of SPASA avoids the unnecessary possibility of inferior workmanship, non compliance with local building regulations or public safety codes.