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Sunset Featured In SPASA Magazine 2009

Sunset Pools was featured for a pool built at Coogee that was cantilevered to extend three metres over ocean rocks to take full advantage of Sydney’s picturesque southern coastline.
Sunset Featured In SPASA Magazine 2009

The calibre of complex and high-spec pool design plus demanding construction requirements are epitomised by a project completed by Sunset Pools at Coogee. The brief was to cantilever the pool to extend three metres over ocean rocks to take full advantage of Sydney’s picturesque southern coastline.

Construction of the reinforced concrete pool shell and integrated spa, including its hidden balance tank and plant room, was coordinated by Sunset Pools with the home’s builder to occur in stages whilst the house slab was being poured and the home site developed. As the pool and spa environment is conceived and built as an integral component of the architecture, this project extended throughout the multi-level development’s building schedule.

The stunning minimalist pool environment and frameless glass fencing maximise the outlook from the home’s second level, across the marble coping and pool surrounding to Coogee’s uninterrupted ocean view.

The pool and spa are enjoyed year rounded while the heating and water management complexity remains invisible. The plant room, housing the pumps and Astral filtration systems, is secreted directly below the spa, with the many motorised values fully integrated into a CBus home automation system. Hidden pipes also zigzag their way through the building’s four levels to the fully automated Sunbather solar heating atop the root.

“I really enjoy sitting down with visionary individuals who have a taste for the unusual,” explains Ben Thompson, managing director of Sunset Pools. “Together we conceive a solution that merges innovation with practicality in a way that literally reflects their individuality and sense of style. The result is invariably a distinguishing new attribute to our client’s residence, and an enhancement that adds a distinctive dimension to their lifestyle.”

The anticipated outlook over the Tasman Sea from the master bedroom inspired the imaginative owners to select Sunset Pools to encapsulate what they defined as ‘the relaxing ambience of the light water’. Their concept was realised by Ben’s ability to embrace the most abstract concepts then transform them into a spectacularly successful bespoke pool design that became part of the home’s innovative architecture.

After months spent excavating Sydney sandstone to enable the foundations of the residence and swimming pool, the owner/builders still had a two year construction project ahead before they finally realised their dream.

The home’s first and second levels actually formed part of the swimming pool’s framework, requiring that the forward planning and provisions for all the conceivable services were considered in meticulous detail and put in place prior to pouring the construction’s deep foundations.

Three windows in the pool swimout’s base form skylights in the master.