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Sunset Featured In SPASA Magazine 2010

Featuring a project that was also the main component of the games room containing a large window between the pool and games room.
Sunset Featured In SPASA Magazine 2010

When Ben Thompson from Sunset Pools was first approached to build this formal style swimming pool on Sydney’s north shore, he knew there was going to be a ‘twist’. First there was the limited access – a laneway just 1100mm side. Then there was the client’s desire to have a structure that would not only contain the pool, but also be the main component of the games room plus contain a large window between the pool and games room.

“And our client wanted a structurally perfect pool,” adds Ben. “Which is why it’s not just your ‘ordinary’ pool. The pool and structure were build using methods more aligned with commercial construction.”

Together, Ben and his client, a structural engineer dealing with large commercial projects throughout the world, created a design that would complement the house and surrounds, and still have a twist – i.e. the glass feature window in the games room.

“Our client understood the difference in the structural quality beween pools that are sprayed and a pool that is double formed and poured and then vibrated,” says Ben.

In line with the design, the Sunset Pools team built the roof and surrounds of the games room from the structure of the pool, and managed to do this in just one concrete pour. Them concrete steps were constructed from a seconde concrete pour.

And how did Ben and the team solve the access issues?

“We used small excavation machines and mini dump trucks,” he says. “In addition, the installation of the glass featured wall required a boom crane, due to the size and mass weight.”

Staying true to the brief – creating a structurally perfect pool – the pool features double steel throughout at 200mm centres, with different types of structural steel that were double formed before the concrete was poured and vibrated. Additional Xypex waterproofing products were added to the concrete prior to pouring.

The large void for the windows was created at form and steel stage, ready for the steel window structure once the concrete had cured. And a specialist silicone applicator was on site during installation of the window.

“Again wwe used a different method to construct the window,” adds Ben.

Most glass windows in pools are secured into the reinforced structure and installed from the top, eliminating a reinforced window structure. However, in this case the window structure was made from 316 stainless steel, secured by, custom 316 HILTI stud anchors (as opposed to Dynabolts), and the frame was additionally sealed with a high grade sikadur epoxy plus waterproof membrane.”

The end result is a stunning pool that enjoys beatiful water and district views, creates an amazing design element in the games room, and enhances the alfresco areas. Other features include two swim jets and an Accent Air three phase heat pump to heat the pool.

THe pool’s interior was waterproofed with a high performance, elastomeric UV stable polyurethane membrane, epoxy grouted and fully tiled with Bisazza glass mosaic tiles.

Sand-coloured tiles were used for the coping and surrounds to complement the exterior colour scheme of the home.

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