Water Features

The hypnotic allure of a Sunset water feature

Sunset creatively incorporates the calming and hypnotic effects of water in both indoor and outdoor environments. Whilst Sunset swimming pools can be considered a water feature in their own right, a specialised bespoke Sunset water feature will add an enchanting and distinctive extra dimension to any landscape or interior.

Sunset’s diverse design and water feature construction capabilities have contributed to the company’s increasing popularity, and now form a significant component of Sunset Pools’ status within this specialised industry.

Sunset water features can be conceived as either a focal element within a landscape or building interior, or alternatively incorporated as an architectural or monumental component. Variety is infinite in both scale, choice of materials and featured finish. The mesmerising properties of water (either still or in motion) can be combined with natural or polished stone, weathered bronze, zinc or iron, gleaming stainless steel, glass, ceramic tiles or concrete.

Glistening Sunset waterfalls, naturalistic running creeks and splashing cascades animate pools and water gardens, plus effectively mask ambient background noise. Fountains and water spouts add a dynamic dimension to ponds and placid pools, and weeping water walls, indoors or out, create a hypnotic sparkle on any vertical surface.

Selected examples are regularly updated and details can be viewed on Sunset Pools’ Portfolio page.

The true value of your leisure precinct is only ever realised when your site’s attributes are fully integrated into the design, and any limitations creatively overcome. Sunset Pools has an unrivalled reputation built on the challenging and innovative commercial pool projects they have been contracted to fulfil. The company’s 10 year guarantee is testament to their unrivalled commitment to conceive and create exceptional swimming pools, spas and water features, engineered, built and finished to exceed the standard Australian pool construction benchmarks.

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